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The EMBO Journal Cover Contest 2014 is now finished. We had two first prize winners and many gorgeous images which made it into the final round. The jury and the editors thank all participants for making the contest so much fun for everybody involved. Please have a look at our small (and necessarily selective) gallery of “Favourites of the Jury”.

The 2014 edition was the final round of the EMBO Journal Cover Contest. We would like to thank everybody for their enthusiasm supporting our little contest over the last ten years. It was great fun.

The contest, first organised by the editors of the journal for the year 2004, highlighted the creative potential of the authors and readers of The EMBO Journal, and showcased the beauty they find in the scientific and non-scientific world around them. We were flattered that the contest had created so much interest and appreciation among our readers, although it remained an amateur contest that was run on very limited resources in house, by EMBO rather than by our publishers.

“Amateur” meant that the major motivation for anyone to take part in the contest was to “make it on the cover” of The EMBO Journal. Indeed, many of the cover images printed during the course of the years 2004–2014 were originally submitted to the cover contest and selected by the jury for their aesthetic appeal and variety.